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"Don’t get Sick!" is a game about an every-day man just trying to survive in the every-day apocalypse. Stay out of trouble with your boss, spend enough time with your family, keep an eye on your wealth, but most importantly: Don’t get Sick!

Don't Get Sick! was created within 72 hours by five developers during the Ubisoft Blue Byte Game Jam at the  NEXT LEVEL Festival for Games 2017, the topic was "Health".

Violeta Juskova (Artist)

Tobias Brocks (Artist) | @tobiaaatch

Carsten Ruhr (Programmer) | @dacxp

Felix Schoeller (Programmer) | @Logan76667

Tristan Hantschel (Game Designer) | @tristanarkham

Marc Braun (Sound Designer)

Special thanks to www.freesound.org


Don't Get Sick! 53 MB


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even though i cooked for her every day my wife still divorced me after a few weeks...

there should be an option to save up enough money for a divorce.

Yeah, this indeed didn't age well. But mostly here to agree with others, boy, your wife in this game is...not friendly.


didn't age well..


I'm too tired to cook twice and the wife leaves because I'm not pampering her? Wow.

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ugh! it's 64bit only! i cant play this! it looks so good too!


Made a video 

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I enjoyed every moment of it, very "sick" game :)